Selling To A List Properties vs. Listing With A Local Texas Agent

Compare Texas Home Buyers vs. Traditional Agent Listing

Use this table to compare Texas home buyers vs. local agent listings. After comparing, we’re certain you will see the value in our service!

 Real Estate AgentA-List Properties
Commission and other feesLarge amount of commission and other fees.No commissions, no fees!
Who pays the closing cost?Depends on the situation; highly likely you will.We handle closing costs.
Inspection and financingYes, and sales could fall through.We handle a short inspection.
Appraisal needed?Yes, and normally you pay.We handle all inspections and appraisals.
Number of showingsUnknown, could be many.1-2.
Closing date30-60-90 days.Instantly.
Who pays for repairs?Normally you pay repairs.We cover repairs!

Now Do You Understand Why You Should Compare Texas Home Buyers vs. Traditional Agent Listings?

When You Close Fast, You Save More Money

After you compare Texas home buyers vs. traditional agent listings, you can see how much money you save. When you close fast, it ends up saving you money. How does this happen?

  • Closing fast enables you to avoid costly mortgage payments.
  • The faster you close, the less you pay for utilities and other expenses.
  • No costs to maintain the house when you close quickly.
  • You can see how our company saves you money in more ways than one!

You Will Never Pay for Repairs or Be Hassled With Cleaning

One of the greatest benefits when you compare Texas home buyers vs. traditional agent listings is the fact that you don’t have to pay for any repairs at all.  We have a team of construction experts standing by to make all the repairs necessary for us to list the house. By the time renovations even start, you’re already counting the cash from your home sale.

Additionally, you don’t even have to lift a finger to clean the home. This is because there is no staging or showing the house. Since we offer you cash fast, there are no walkthroughs or open houses, so there’s nobody to impress!

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