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Can I Sell a House with Termite Damage in Texas?

Termites are every homeowner’s worst nightmare—especially when it’s time to sell.

Selling a house with termite damage can be a complex and daunting task, particularly in Texas, where termite infestations are common and buyers know what to watch out for. 

Notorious for their ability to cause extensive structural damage to homes, termites can significantly reduce your property value and deter prospective buyers. If you want to sell your house as is, you must understand the challenges of termite damage and how to resolve them.

By addressing a termite damage issue head-on, homeowners can improve their chances of selling at a fair price and with minimal hassle.

The Challenges and Importance of Addressing Termite Damage

Termite damage can significantly diminish a home’s value, deterring potential buyers and adding to the burden of an already stressful process. That said, addressing termite infestations from the get-go is essential to prevent further structural damage and ensure the safety of the property. 

This is where having a skilled real estate agent comes into play. 

For a swift and stress-free selling process, A-List Properties provides expert guidance and resources to help homeowners navigate the complexities of selling a house with termite damage, ensuring a smoother and more successful transaction. 

Types of Termites Found in Texas Homes

damaged piece of wood

The different species of termites found in Texas include:

Desert Dampwood Termite

Thriving in the warm and damp weather of Texas, desert dampwood termites are typically active from May to September. They are known for their potent odor, which is usually the first indicator of their presence. Dampwood termites are also one of the largest termite varieties.

The swarmers of the species have dark brown bodies and wings, while the soldiers have orange or yellow-ish bodies and no wings. These termites prefer damp wood (hence their name) and live trees. They often infest areas with high moisture levels, making them extremely common in humid regions of Texas, particularly during the rainy season.

Western Drywood Termite

Western drywood termites are characterized by their reddish-brown bodies and translucent wings. They’re known for their ability to infest dry, undecayed wood, making them a threat to a variety of wooden structures within a home.

Though they prefer dry climates, drywood termites are most likely to swarm during periods of heavy rainfall and warm temperatures. Unlike other termites, they prefer undecayed wood with low moisture content, making them a threat to dry, wooden structures in homes, including attics and household furniture.

Subterranean Termite

One of the most stubborn termite species, subterranean termites are distinguished by their large nests and off-white to black coloring. They tend to be smaller than drywood termites and are known for their relentless feeding habits. 

These termites are highly destructive and active around the clock. This constant activity makes them particularly dangerous, as they can cause significant damage in a short period. They can infect any type of softwood, causing significant structural damage if not addressed promptly.

Removing the Termites in Your House

Termite removal is critical for protecting your home and preparing to sell it after a termite infestation.  Effective termite control involves inspection, treatment, and prevention strategies tailored to the specific type of termite infesting your home.

Necessity of Termite Removal

Selling a house with active termites is nearly impossible, as buyers are unlikely to invest in a property with ongoing infestations. Removing termites is essential to prevent further damage and restore the property’s value. 

Effective termite treatment ensures the safety and structural integrity of your home by repairing damage, removing the root of the problem, and making it more attractive to buyers.

Methods of Termite Removal

Here are some common methods for eliminating a termite infestation before selling a property: 

Soil Treatments

Because they live underground, subterranean termites are best addressed using a soil treatment. 

During this treatment, professional pest control specialists dig a trench around the perimeter of the home and apply termiticide. In some cases, the termiticide is also injected into the soil beneath the building’s foundation.

This method creates a chemical barrier that repels termites and prevents them from entering the structure from below. Soil termite treatments are generally long-lasting and are effective for preventing future infestations.

Wood Treatments

Suitable for both drywood and subterranean termites, wood treatments involve applying termiticides directly to the wooden structures within the home. This can include treating exposed wood, injecting termiticide into infested wood, or applying surface treatments to protect wood from future infestations. 

Treatments can be performed by professionals using sprays, foams, or injections. The termiticide penetrates the wood, destroying existing colonies and protecting against re-infestations. 

Bait Systems

Bait systems are an eco-friendly alternative to termiticide injections. Through this system, termites are  attracted to baiting stations containing poisons that affect termites. The termites then carry the poison back to their colonies. These stations are placed around the perimeter of the house, attracting foraging termites. This method is effective for eradicating entire termite colonies, as the poison spreads throughout the nest, killing the termites.

These bait stations contain cellulose material laced with slow-acting insecticide that does not escape into the wider environment.

Regular monitoring and maintenance by pest control professionals are required to ensure the effectiveness of this system. 


A fairly common method in Texas, fumigation involves using gas to kill termites within the home. This method is highly effective for drywood termites, as the gas penetrates deep into the wood where termites reside. 

This method requires the home to be vacated for 1-3 days. During the fumigation, the house is covered with a tent, and the fumigant is released. Fumigation is highly thorough and effective for eliminating large infestations, including in hard-to-reach areas.

Cost to Repair Termite Damage in Texas

a woman calculating expenses

Repairing termite damage can be a significant expense for homeowners. Understanding the potential costs and variables is crucial for effective budgeting and financial planning. 

Average Cost To Repair Termite Damage

The average cost to repair termite damage in Texas is approximately $1,400, which is just below the national average.

That said, the actual cost can vary widely based on several key factors, including the extent of the damage, the size of the termite colony, the species of termite, and the chosen treatment method.

Estimating Repair Costs

Accurate cost estimation helps homeowners plan accordingly to fight termite infestations. Various tools and resources are available to help you get a more precise estimate of your repair costs.

For example, online termite damage repair cost calculators provide rough price estimates based on type of damage, extent of infestation, and regional cost variations.

However, hiring a professional pest control company to conduct a thorough inspection and provide a detailed quote is the most accurate way to estimate repair costs. Obtaining quotes from several pest control and repair companies helps you compare prices and services, ensuring you get the best value for your money. 

It’s also wise to allocate extra funds for unexpected expenses that may arise during the repair process, such as hidden damage or additional infestations.

Repairing Your Termite Damaged Home

If you want to repair your termite damaged home, follow these steps:

  • Start by identifying and replacing or repairing the damaged wood.
  • Address the root cause of the infestation by fixing leaks, removing moisture sources, and ensuring proper drainage around your property. 
  • Maintain a clear distance between soil and wooden structures to prevent future infestations. 

Importance of Immediate Repairs

Immediate repairs are vital for maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Delaying repairs can lead to further damage and higher costs. 

If not addressed, the termites will continue to weaken the structure of your home over time. Timely termite damage repairs will ensure your home remains safe and habitable, preserving its value and appeal to buyers.

Documenting Repairs on Your House

When addressing the damage, it’s important to document all the steps you take to control the termite infestation.

Importance of Documentation

Documenting repairs is crucial for several reasons:

  • It qualifies you for taxable gains and provides proof of repairs to potential buyers. 
  • It increases your confidence in the property’s condition. 
  • It helps you track maintenance and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Criteria for Documenting Repairs

Effective documentation should include:

  • Detailed records of the repairs
  • Materials used
  • Professionals hired for assessments
  • Receipts for everything 

Proper documentation helps with future maintenance of the house. It also reassures potential buyers about the home’s condition and the measures taken to address termite issues. 

The added step of documentation is essential for transparency and helps reassure buyers of the quality and thoroughness of the repairs.

Getting a Termite Damage Warranty

A termite warranty is a service contract offered by pest control companies to protect homeowners against future termite infestations and damage. These warranties typically include timely inspections, treatments if termites are found, and even repair of future damages caused by termites in some cases.

A transferable warranty can increase the attractiveness of your home to potential buyers, as it provides ongoing protection and peace of mind.

Getting Your House Inspected for Termites

a man doing house inspection

A professional termite inspection involves a thorough examination of the property to identify any signs of termite activity. The inspection process reassures potential buyers and provides a clear understanding of the home’s condition. 

Inspections should be conducted by licensed professionals to guarantee accuracy and reliability.

Key Inspection Areas

Key areas for termite inspections include:

  • Garage
  • Attic
  • Crawl space
  • Wooden structures
  • Cracks in the foundation

These areas are common entry points and habitats for termites, making them key areas to check during a comprehensive inspection.

Valuing Your Property Correctly After Termite Damage

Termite damage can reduce a home’s value by approximately 20%.

But professional inspections and repairs can help restore a property’s value and appeal, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

Seller Disclosure Requirements

In Texas, sellers are legally obligated to disclose termite damage to potential buyers and provide detailed information about the severity of the situation and the repairs made. This helps buyers make informed decisions and builds trust in the seller.

Disclosure and Transparency

Even if it wasn’t a matter of following the law in Texas, honesty simply is the best policy. That’s why it’s important to disclose termite history to realtors and potential buyers regardless of where you live.

Full disclosure ensures compliance with legal requirements and fosters a positive relationship between sellers and buyers.

Extent of Damage and Repairs

Providing detailed information about the damage and repairs reassures buyers you have effectively addressed the issue. This transparency helps gain buyer’s confidence and facilitates a successful sale.

Why Choose A-List Properties

Selling a house with termite damage to a cash buyer is difficult—but that’s where A-List Properties comes in. 

A-List Properties offers quick, hassle-free transactions, making it easier for you to sell your house as is, even if there’s extensive termite damage. 

By providing competitive cash offers for homes in any condition, the team at A-List Properties takes away the hassle of repairs. Instead of spending time and money fixing pesky termite damage, you can focus on selling your house through a quick and easy cash transaction.

With a client-first approach, A-List Properties offer packages tailored for each homeowner’s specific needs. During your consultation, the team at A-List will discuss your expectations, help you explore your options, and create a plan to move you toward an easy sale.

Selling a house in the competitive Texas housing market is nothing short of a headache. But A-List Properties gets it, and they’re here to help.


Termite infestation can be a challenge for any potential home seller. Addressing this issue is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of your home and ensuring a successful sale through the traditional real estate market.

But a termite infestation in your home is not the end of the world—plenty of solutions are available to help you eradicate the problem and sell your home for cash with confidence.

Consulting professional pest control services for termite inspection and repairs increases the likelihood of selling your property at a fair price, while transferable warranties enhance the home’s attractiveness to buyers. When you contact A-List Properties, you can forget the stress of resolving termite issues and experience a smooth, hassle-free cash sale in no time.

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