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Creative and Alternative Ways to Sell Your House in Texas

While Texas has a hot real estate market, the home-selling process can be arduous, and some homeowners will struggle to get an offer on a listing that’s in poor shape. This is why many turn to alternative ways to sell a house, from the commonplace to the creative. 

If you’re struggling to attract serious buyers in today’s market, consider these unique options to get the most money for your existing home. 

Cash Buyer

An all-cash offer from a company like A-List Properties is a fantastic way to get more money with less stress. 

When you sell your home fast to us, you don’t need to perform any repairs or cleaning, all without paying real estate agent commissions or closing fees. We don’t require a home inspection, and we’ll even help you move out!

If you’ve got a deadline for selling and can’t find a buyer, call or text us at (972) 526-7042, or get in touch with A-List Properties through our online form. All you need to get a fair offer are your contact details and property address.   

For Sale By Owner

An FSBO sale cuts out real estate agents, so you do all the marketing, listing, and showing yourself. Home sellers that choose this will choose the list price based on open market statistics, negotiate with clients, and host open houses without the help of realtors.

To get started, you must create a sign and a listing on home sale sites. You can save thousands on commissions, but selling your house fast is not always easy. Additionally, and most concerningly, you may find yourself contending with savvy buyers who will undersell the value of your property. 

female house owner

Flat-Fee Real Estate Agent

Some real estate agents don’t work on a commission schedule and instead use a flat fee for their services. This can reduce the costs of selling and help you save more of the proceeds. However, it’s important to work with a qualified agent. 

Look for one that is a member of the National Association of Realtors and check their list of recently sold homes to ensure that they can adequately represent a seller in the face of competition from other agents. 

Look For Potential Buyers on Social Media

social media

Buyers are everywhere, but they may not necessarily show up at an open house or contact a realtor, especially if they are just casually looking. You can attract them by putting an advertisement out on social media in order to contact them directly. 

Search for real estate-related pages in your local area, then market the property with good pictures and a description of the house’s condition. Be honest about any drawbacks, but also discuss its positive qualities, such as a good location or new windows. 

For example, you may post on Facebook Marketplace, a free service, and negotiate with buyers that way. You don’t have to pay agents, and you’ll have more control over the process, too. 

Host a Themed Open House Party

Many sellers dread the open house process, especially if they are representing themselves, but you can add some whimsy to it and help your home stand out to potential buyers by creating a themed showing party.

Buyers can be fickle, and they often purchase a home based on their positive associations with the buying process, which helps them build a positive attachment to the house. A party is a great way to make houses seem like fun, warm places to live.

If you’re trying to sell an older home, you might theme the event around the history of the property, such as a Roaring 20s theme. Alternatively, build your party around the local area, such as a sports team or a festival. 

Creative Yard Signs

We’ve all seen a for-sale sign plunked down in front of a home, and most of them are rather cut and dry. You can help your deal stand out by foregoing the cookie-cutter advertisements and choosing something fun. 

For example, many companies make large yard signs for birthdays or graduations. You can commission one in bright, attractive colors that include your contact details. 

creative yard sign

If you’re selling the house because of a life change, making a joke about it can intrigue a potential homeowner into wanting to know more. Always include details for any listing websites and your contact information. 

Work With a Local Influencer

Social media has become an indispensable aspect of everyday life, and it has even changed the way that people sell homes. As such, influencers can be a great ally if you’re creative and charismatic.

Consider finding a local influencer who would be willing to post about your property on their pages. You could have them do a walkthrough on camera or even cook a meal in the kitchen to showcase the home’s amazing potential as a living space. 

This will appeal to particular demographics, particularly younger generations, and may even get you more exposure than is possible on a realty website. 

Get Drone Shots of Your House

drone shots of a house

A big reason that houses sell fast is that they are well-marketed, and this usually means good pictures and a straightforward, helpful description of their highlights. Instead of using a typical DSLR camera or your cell phone, consider hiring a drone service to show a bird’s eye view of the home.

This way, viewers can get a good idea of the size of the home, as well as the neighborhood that they would be living in. It’s an especially good idea if the house is situated on a large lot or a very scenic area.

Before you fire up the drone, get in touch with a property management company that can help ensure everything is picture-perfect. 

Offer a Lease-to-Own Option

Renting may seem like a strange way to sell a home but it’s a great option if you don’t necessarily want to sell the home right away but need to move out. 

With lease-to-own, the future owners will rent the home, live in it for a few years, and make both rent payments and mortgage contributions. At the end of the term, they will officially take over the building for a predetermined sum.

This option can help you cover the cost of keeping the home while generating extra cash to pay for your other expenses.  

Reach Out to Potential Buyers

The old way of selling a home was to let the buyers come to you, but with the advent of the Internet, you can contact any potential buyer yourself, potentially getting the house sold faster. 

Scour social media and other pages for those interested in moving into your area, then discuss the highlights of the house in question. Investors often have their own websites and forums where they talk about potential acquisitions, and you can find one who you believe may fit the bill and discuss the merits of your home.

reach out to buyers

If you’re working with a residential buyer, you may offer them enticements that an agent wouldn’t, such as helping to cover their moving costs. This can get your house sold faster and for a better price.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few examples of unique ways to sell your home, but the possibilities are limitless. A bit of creativity, hard work, and planning will help you get a great asking price for your home without going through the long, drawn-out process of working with an agent and following the typical sale format.

However, many of these take a lot of legwork, which isn’t feasible for the majority of sellers. If you need a great deal fast, consider working with A-List Properties for an all-cash offer.

You won’t pay any closing costs or agent fees. Plus, we buy homes as-is, meaning that you don’t need to do any cleaning or repairs. We put you in control of the closing date so that it fits your schedule, further easing your worries. Call or text us at (972) 526-7042, or submit your details to our contact form, to get a free, no-obligation offer from Texas’s most trusted cash buyers.

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