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Is It Hard to Sell a House in Mesquite, TX?

Mesquite has an active real estate market these days, with homes receiving multiple offers and selling relatively fast. However, navigating this market requires understanding both the opportunities and challenges it offers. 

In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of selling a house in Mesquite, focusing on specific neighborhoods to help you pinpoint the best strategies for a quick and successful sale. Whether you’re in a highly sought-after area or a quieter neighborhood, we’ll provide insights to guide you through the process so that your house will sell faster. 

Overview of the Mesquite Real Estate Market

Generally speaking, the housing market is influenced by many factors. A strong economy and high employment rates lead to a boost in the housing market as more people can afford to buy homes. Population growth also drives demand for housing, pushing prices up as more people start looking for places to live.

When comparing the Mesquite market to the national average, it’s somewhat competitive but unique in its dynamics. Homes in Mesquite tend to sell quickly, receiving about 2 offers on average and selling within 42 days. 

The median sale price in Mesquite is $295,000, slightly down from last year, whereas many parts of the country have seen prices continue to rise. Despite these slight decreases, the Mesquite market remains active and appealing, showcasing broader trends but with its own local twists.

General Challenges of Selling a House in Mesquite

challenges when selling a house

Real Estate Market Conditions

The local real estate market in Mesquite is influenced by numerous factors. Some areas may see better sales in spring, while others perform well in winter. Additionally, the number of houses for sale in your neighborhood can affect how quickly you can sell your home and at what price. 

To stand out, setting the right price is the key. Overpricing can deter buyers, while underpricing might leave money on the table. Research comparable home sales in your area and consider getting a professional appraisal to help determine a fair and attractive price. 

Prepping the Home for Listing

Preparing your home for listing can add even more costs to the many expenses involved in selling a house. To get the best price, your home needs to be “show ready.” This might mean tackling necessary repairs or upgrades before putting it on the market. Whether it’s fixing a leaky faucet, repainting, or landscaping, these tasks can make a big difference in attracting buyers.

Many buyers in Mesquite are looking for move-in ready homes, so ensuring your home is in top condition can give you an edge. Highlight features that are in demand, such as modern kitchens, updated bathrooms, and energy-efficient systems.

Neighborhood-Specific Analysis

Town East Estates

The real estate market in Town East Estates has been heating up. Homes here are in high demand, selling after an average of just 32 days on the market. The trend for median days on the market has decreased from last month and slightly from last year, showing that homes are selling rapidly. 

Current trends indicate that it’s a seller’s market, meaning there are more buyers than available homes. This demand means that if you list your home, you’re likely to receive offers quickly. The neighborhood is highly desirable with schools and plenty of amenities, including numerous grocery stores, and a wide variety of cafes and restaurants.

However, the high demand can also be a challenge. Because it’s a seller’s market, you may face competition from other homes that are similarly attractive to buyers. 

Creek Crossing Estates

The current market trends in Creek Crossing Estates are favorable for a quick sale. Median days on the market have decreased since last month and slightly since last year, with homes now selling after an average of 29 days. The market appears to be balanced according to recent reports, meaning that the supply of homes matches the demand.

The neighborhood is well-regarded, with six public schools rated good or higher by GreatSchools, adding to the area’s appeal for families. Additionally, the abundance of amenities, including numerous grocery stores and a variety of cafes and restaurants, makes it an attractive place to live.

However, because it’s a balanced market, sellers might not have the upper hand they would in a seller’s market. This means you need to be strategic about pricing and presenting your home to stand out among other listings. Ensuring your home is in top condition and possibly investing in some upgrades can help attract buyers.

Meadowview Farms

This neighborhood is lesser known than the others and the housing market here is unpredictable, with little to no data on the housing prices and trends. 

Casa View Heights

Casa View Heights mainly shows a mixed trend, which means sellers must tread carefully. While the median days on market have decreased since last month, they are slightly up from last year. This indicates that while there is strong buyer interest, the increased supply of homes is somewhat slowing down the selling process. 

The neighborhood is great for families with its well-rated public schools and numerous amenities. Additionally, the significant year-over-year increase in median listing prices points to a strong appreciation in property values.

However, being in a buyer’s market presents challenges. With more homes available than buyers, sellers should be prepared for their homes to be on the market for around 40 days on average. 


The market trends in Skyline are showing positive signs for sellers. Homes are currently selling after an average of 39 days on the market, which has decreased since last month and slightly from last year, indicating a quicker turnover rate. This is a good sign, suggesting that while it is a buyer’s market, homes are still selling relatively swiftly.

Selling a house in Skyline has its pros and cons. On the positive side, the neighborhood boasts amenities, institutes, healthcare centers, and recreation closeby. However, the buyer’s market presents challenges for sellers. With more homes available than interested buyers, sellers need to work harder to make their properties stand out. 

Edgemont Park

The real estate market in Edgemont Park is currently favorable for sellers, with homes typically selling in about 40 days. The average time on the market has decreased recently, indicating strong buyer interest and a healthy market.

Selling in Edgemont Park has its perks and challenges. Despite the fewer number of public schools in the area, it is still viewed favorably by buyers due to the many amenities and utilities it offers. 

However, despite high demand, sellers still need to keep their homes in good condition to attract top offers. It’s essential to price your home competitively and present it well to stand out in this neighborhood. Upgrading or maintaining your property will also work in your favor in making it appealing to buyers in this competitive market.

Factors Affecting Home Sales in Different Neighborhoods

home sale

When it comes to buying a home, the following factors shape a neighborhood’s appeal and influence home sales:

  • Location is usually a big selling point for properties. Homes near city centers, major highways, and public transportation are often more desirable due to their convenience. 
  • Amenities like parks, shops, and restaurants add to a neighborhood’s appeal, as they offer lifestyle benefits that attract potential buyers. 
  • Neighborhood reputation also matters. A safe, friendly, and well-kept area is more attractive, while neighborhoods with negative perceptions may struggle to attract buyers.
  • School districts are a top priority for families. Homes in areas with good schools often sell for higher prices. 
  • Crime rates are also a big consideration of buyers. Lower crime rates make neighborhoods feel safer and more appealing. 
  • Community services such as libraries, healthcare, and public transport further improve the quality of life and convenience for residents, making nearby neighborhoods more attractive. 

Zoning Laws and Future Developments

Local zoning laws shape neighborhoods by dictating land use and building regulations. These laws can protect the residential nature of an area or instead change its purpose to promote commercial growth. Future developments like these can boost or hurt home sales depending on their nature. 

New infrastructure projects like transport upgrades and recreational areas raise property values by improving accessibility. Meanwhile industrial projects that might cause congestion or noise can be a turnoff.

Tips for Selling Your House in Mesquite

Selling a house quickly in Mesquite, TX, requires a strategic approach. Here are six tips to help you expedite the process:

  1. Pick the Right Time to Sell

Choosing the right time to list your home can make a big difference. In a seller’s market, homes move faster and fetch higher prices. Timing your sale for when demand is high would be a smart move if you want a quick sale. 

  1. Consider Home Staging 

Staging your home by cleaning, rearranging, and sometimes renting furniture to showcase your home’s best feature can make it more appealing to buyers. A well-staged home can sell for 1% to 5% above the asking price.

  1. Improve Curb Appeal

First impressions matter, and this applies to the housing market as well. Enhancing your home’s exterior with landscaping, fresh paint, and minor repairs can boost its curb appeal and attract buyers more quickly.

  1. Offer to Pay Repair Costs

Addressing minor repairs before listing can save time in negotiations and make your house more attractive to buyers. Alternatively, selling your home “as-is” to cash buyers can also expedite the sale if you prefer to skip repairs.

  1. Offer Seller Credit

Offering to cover the buyer’s closing costs is an incentive that many buyers find hard to refuse. While it might cost you an extra 4% to 5%, it can help close the deal faster.

  1. Offer Flexible Move-in and Move-out Dates

Being flexible with your move-out date can be a positive thing to buyers with tight timelines. Accommodating their preferred move-in date can result in a quicker sale. 


The real estate market is generally quite competitive in Mesquite. Right now, houses are in great demand, selling more quickly than usual. However, when examining individual neighborhoods in the area, we found that the market is dynamic – each neighborhood presents its own set of benefits and challenges for sellers. 

This is why for sellers, understanding the market and knowing how to make your house stand out in your neighborhood is important. Knowing these things will help you in determining the best strategy for selling your house fast in the competitive Mesquite market. 

There are several ways you can make the sale of your house quicker and attract buyers faster, such as the ones mentioned earlier in this article. 

Knowing the market and employing the right strategies can work well in your favor. Furthermore, you could also consider selling the house for cash since it has its own host of benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the median time on market for houses in Mesquite?

Homes in Mesquite currently stay on the market for about 42 days before being sold off. 

What are effective strategies for selling a house quickly in Mesquite?

Effective strategies for selling a house in Mesquite include selling at a good time, accepting cash offers, improving curb appeal, offering incentives, and being flexible with move-in and move-out dates. 

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