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A Guide to Understanding Property Tax Rates in Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas is a very popular spot in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. It rests right between the two major city centers, making it a prime location for professionals, families, tourists, and other parties. Life in Arlington is very desirable whether you are moving from out of state or within the borders of the Lone Star State.

Expectedly, the housing market in Arlington is competitive. The median sale price of a home is about $340,000, with the average home value sitting around $312,000. Homes usually attract about three offers and stay on the market for an average of 46 days. That means sellers can often close deals within two months of listing their properties on the market.

Property values significantly affect property taxes, so we’ll look at the tax rate and apply it to the average home in this area. We will also cover the essentials of real estate taxation in Tarrant County, including the due dates and the consequences of missed payments.

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Overview of Arlington, TX Property Tax Rate

Property taxes are paid to the local government in Arlington. The cost of your property taxes will depend on the fair market value of the home you own. Appraisals are done once a year, usually by January 1st. The average property tax rate in Arlington is about 1.98%. This is slightly higher than the rest of Tarrant County, which averages about 1.92%.

However, tax rate variation is common due to the different home values across the city. In general, the more valuable your home is, the higher the property tax rate. Based on current market trends, if your property value was the average $312,000, your property taxes for the year would be just under $6,200. 

Tarrant County Homestead Tax Exemptions

Tax relief is a hot topic for homeowners nationwide. Fortunately for Arlington residents, several property tax exemptions have been approved recently, and they could significantly lower property tax bills in Tarrant County.

These residence homestead deductions would lower the taxable value of your home by 10% each, depending on where you live in Arlington, Texas. Taxing units could additionally increase the exemption by up to 20%. For example, you could also have reduced or eliminated property taxes due to other exemptions, such as military service, age, disability, owning a rehabilitated property, or based on property class. 

When Do I Receive Property Tax Statements in Arlington?

Across the state of Texas, property taxes are paid once a year. The tax code states that assessors must send out bills for property taxes via mail by October 1st. This means you could receive the property tax bill as early as September or as late as January.

Your property taxes are due upon receipt of the statement, but you technically have until January 31st before any interest or penalties will come into play. If you have an Escrow account that you pay into and that property taxes are taken from, then your property tax bill is sent to the mortgage holder. 

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Late Payment Interest Rate

The local municipality in Arlington charges property tax rates to help pay for public services and government personnel. If they do not receive these taxes, it affects the city budget. Therefore, if you fail to pay the property tax rate on time, there will be consequences.

These consequences usually come in the form of late payment penalties and interest. The longer you wait to pay the property tax bill, the more you will owe to the government. Additionally, the government will place a lien on your property that gives them the right to foreclose on your house if you do not pay the debt in time. This puts you at risk of losing your home. Take note of the rates for penalties and interest, which are as follows:

  • 1% interest for every month the property tax bill is late starting in February
  • 6% penalty for the initial late payment
  • 12% penalty after February, plus 1% for each month and 2% after July
  • 44% penalty for a property tax bill that is a year late

Arlington Property Tax Appeal

If you disagree with the assessed property tax rate for your home, there’s an appeal process you can follow. First, you can submit a complaint to the County Appraisal District to solve the issue informally. If no resolution is reached, you can apply to bring your case to the Appraisal Review Board. In the hearing, you can present evidence that the CAD appraised your property incorrectly or went through the tax assessment process incorrectly.

If the ARB agrees with your assertion, they can order the CAD to correct the mistake. Usually, this process is pursued by Tarrant County homeowners who believe their properties have been overvalued, resulting in a much higher property tax rate than they were expecting. 


Paying property taxes comes with the territory when you own real estate. The amount you owe is based on an estimate from the local assessor, but sometimes they can get things wrong. However, failing to pay your property tax rate on time and in full could have dire consequences.

At the very least, you will end up spending more money on penalties and interest than you normally would have. In the worst circumstances, failing to pay your property taxes could result in the government or another buyer taking possession of your home. If you have questions about sending in your property tax rate payment, you can contact the local government offices for assistance.

Although there are residence homestead exemptions and other deductions you can use to reduce your property tax rate in Arlington, Texas, make sure that you understand when and how to make these payments so you can keep your home or investment property in Tarrant County. It is much easier to simply send in that check each year rather than deal with a late payment fee, accrued interest, or even the loss of your home.

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